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EB 1 Visa Lawyer for Highly Skilled Immigrants

Highly-skilled immigrants have long benefited the United States’ economic and scientific growth. The immigration laws recognize the benefits of these high priority immigrants and offer them certain advantages in gaining permanent residency in the United States.

The immigration law allows high priority immigrants the ability to self-petition, obtain permanent residency without a labor certification, and obtain permanent residency faster than other immigrant workers.  Additionally, unlike all other employment-based immigrant visas, high priority immigrant visas do not currently have any backlog.

Qualifying, high priority immigrants have many advantages. However, demonstrating that an immigrant qualifies requires presenting extensive documentation and making persuasive arguments to the USCIS. Retaining an immigrant lawyer who fully understands the challenging immigration procedures for high priority immigrants is a necessity.

If you believe that you qualify for an EB 1-1, EB 1-2, EB 1-3 or National Interest Waiver, please contact Gafner Law Firm to set up an immigration appointment to discuss your case with a capable immigration lawyer.